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About Us “Only through creative design, inspiration, and true innovation can technology really enhance the hotel guest experience.  This is what drives our business”. Wang Swee-Lee, President & CEO, Cotell International A member of the Cotell group of companies, Cotell International was founded on a vision to innovate unique guest room communication solutions for the hospitality Industry. Cotell brings to its position as an advance hospitality guestroom communication solutions design and manufacturing company a rich heritage of innovation and technological advancement. Today, Cotell has moved well beyond the role of traditional product manufacturing and has been focusing on creating solutions-orientated products that can help the hospitality industry to reduce their capital expenditure, operation expenditure while improving their revenue by enhancing guest loyalty and improving yield. The result is a unique market niche highlighting the company's ability to offer its portfolio of solution-oriented products at lower cost, increased reliability with value added advantages. Cotell products are at work in thousands of hotels extended across the globe including the most prestigious international hotel chains. It is this level of experience and performance that has positioned the company in a place of prominence as it continues to expand its products and solutions portfolio to meet the challenging hospitality market needs. Cotell's vision is to be acknowledged as a leader in design, development, and manufacture of hospitality guest room communication devices and solutions as a brand of choice in the hospitality industry. It’s mission is to be a global leader in hospitality guest room communication devices and solutions market, winning support from major international, regional and local hotel chains as an approved and preferred strategic partner. For the best in guestroom telephone solutions you should look no further than Cotell. Global Distribution Cotell provides worldwide coverage for distribution and support: Europe, Middle East, CIS, Africa: Cotell EMEA USA, Canada and Latin America: Cotell USA Asia Pacific and India: Cotell Asia Australasia and Oceania: Cotell Oceania China: Cotell China Customers Cotell's guestroom communications solutions are used by some of the world's most famous hospitality brands. For a current listing please contact us.