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The Alpha Series Hotel Guestroom Phone from Cotell offers traditional styling and unparalleled durability with all the functions you expect from a high quality hotel phone.
Premium Features and Specifications Analog Speakerphone compatible with most major PBX/PABX telephone systems 1-line speakerphone models 0-10 Programmable Guest Service Keys Message Waiting Light Neon/LED Indicator (MWL) Full-length Faceplate for customisation, guest key icons, logo / branding Adjustable Speaker and Handset Volume with Mute Hold, Redial, and Flash keys Adjustable Flash-Hook timing Data Port Appearance and Fittings Rugged Acrylic Stand High Quality Plastic Casing: Black or Ivory Standard Paper Faceplates with Overlay Environmental Humidity: 65% +/- 20% Weight: 0.65kg Footprint: 23 x 16cm Temperature: 25ºC +/- 10ºC Certifications and Manufacturing CE, FCC, CCC Approved Product RoHS Certified FCC: Complied with Parts 15 and 68 of FCC Rules ISO9001 Quality Assured Manufacturing “Forever” Lifetime Warranty
Cotell Alpha Hotel Phones Cotell Alpha Hotel Phones Cotell Alpha Hotel Phones Cotell Alpha Hotel Phones
Alpha analog 1-line Speakerphone with 0-10 Guest Service Keys, Flash, Redial, Hold, Mute, Volume Control, MWL. Alpha analog 1-line Lobby Telephone with No Dialpad, Volume Control.  
Available Models Analog CH908A(1S)SP CH908(1L)
Cotell Alpha
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