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Cotell International hotel phones faceplate

Custom Faceplates Exclusively for Cotell Phones

Our custom faceplates complete the look of your new hotel phone.  Specifically designed for your hotel and incorporating your existing branding strategies, the faceplate is an integral part of your customer service offering.  Encourage guest spending by labelling your pre-programmed guest service buttons with icons and give guests an instantly recognisable hotline through to booking and purchasing your hotel’s value-added services.  Provide simple dialling instructions so they can dial externally from the comfort of their room, or dial internally to other rooms and departments. Cotell guest room telephone faceplates create a unique look and design fitting for your hotel.

Features Custom Designs for your Hotel Display logo and branding Room Numbering Guest Service Key Labelling and Icons.

Material Options Standard Paper Faceplate with Transparent Plastic Overlay Premium High Quality Polycarbonate Faceplate Premium Brushed Aluminium Metal Faceplate

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